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Today we present the world's natural treasures in beautiful gemstone beads and gemstrands. Discover a myriad of semi precious beads from the Earth's palette. Find them in all shapes: round, oval, rondelle, tubes and stars!
Semi Precious Stone
4mm   6mm   8mm   10mm   12mm   14mm   16mm   18mm   20mm  
Earring & Ring
Semi-precious Stone Chips
5-8mm   8-12mm  
Jade Beads
Coral Beads
White   Red Coral   Orange Coral   Other Colors   Synthetic  
Coral Jewelry
Earring   Ring  
Hematite Beads
Magnetic Beads
Round   Other shape  
Non Magnetic Beads
Round   Oval   Teardrop   Twist   Other shape  
Cross   Heart   Other Shape  
Cat Eye Beads
Pendant   Round   Heart   Cube   Other Shapes   Oval   Bracelet   Ring