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Fabulous fibers! You won't find a more complete selection of thread and cord for beading and jewelry making anywhere. Leather, silk, nylon, satin, and more, in a breathtaking variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Find that perfect material to make your next special project "just right."
Jute Twine   Textile Cord  
Crystal Thread
Crystal Thread-Elastic
Clear   Colored  
Monofilament Bead Cord-Nonelastic
Elastic Wire  
Leatheroid cord
1.0mm   1.5mm   2.0mm   2.5mm   3.0mm   4.0mm   5.0mm   6.0mm  
Suede Cord
Korean Faux Suede
Genuine Cowhide Cord
Checked Ribbon
25mm   40mm  
Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon
10mm   15mm   6mm   20mm   25mm   30mm   40mm   50mm  
Camlet Ribbon
Flower Pull Bows
Organza Ribbon
25mm   40mm   6mm   15mm  
Lattice Ribbon
6mm   10mm   15mm   25mm  
Printed Ribbon
15mm   25mm   40mm  
Gold Metallic Ribbon
38mm   6mm   10mm   12mm   15mm   20mm   25mm